More Porting

On September 16, 2006, in General, by Neil Stevens

Since this Dodgers game was a bust, I decided to mess around with some more software porting. My previous ports and updated builds (qGo, PrBoom, FakeNES, and Slade) are in maintenance mode at the moment, so I’m looking at two new ones.

Well, a new one and an old one. I’ve previously looked at porting Secret Maryo Chronicles, but quit because CEGUI wasn’t cooperating in terms of making a working universal build. But, today I saw an announcement of a new version, so I dropped by their forum and put in a call for help on that.

The new port attempt is ZDoom. But Neil, you may ask, what’s a Doom purist like you porting ZDoom for? My answer: Because it’s there. And I might be interested in writing my own Doom-based game. If ZDoom saves me the trouble of integrating lua scripting into PrBoom, then it’d be worth it. Besides, there are apparently some nice map sets out there for ZDoom.

So, SMC is still stalled, but ZDoom is progressing alright. I just need to write some code to replace FMOD in there, and then add a million and one byteswaps to the ZDoom code I’m assuming.


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