I’ve seen this episode before

On August 9, 2006, in General, by Neil Stevens

So the Netrooted Orangeshirts (link warning) have slain the DLC beast. Is this a new event in American politics, or are we just repeating history?

I’ve been a great fan of the television series Law and Order. At least until the spinoffs diluted the show’s quality, I’ve seen most of the episodes more than one time. So often when I’m watching the show, I’ll make a game of it, trying to remember the exact circumstances of the crime as quickly into the episode as possible. Often it only takes a minute or two.

In the case of the Democratic party, I know I’ve seen this party murder before. This is the one where Gene McCarthy got the far left hyped up, motivating them to work so that four years later they got who they wanted for their party’s nomination. Conveniently enough, that was also exactly who the Republicans wanted as the Democratic nominee.

Sure, the Howard Dean scream was new and fun. John Kerry was no Hubert Humphrey though he did play the role on television (Reporting for Duty!). But the movement that’s been building up last few years is the same one that was crashing the gate in ’68. Socialists, pacifists, and cosmopolitans are looking to drive out all Democrats who support a free, safe, and unique America.

So, my fellow Republicans: let’s get while the getting’s good. The Democrats are likely to nominate a real electoral loser come 2008, so let’s do better than nominating a Realpolitiking, wage-controlling liberal, alright?

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