Hey hey, ho ho, Mary Bono’s got to go

On August 25, 2006, in General, by Neil Stevens

Well, not in November, but as soon as we can give the seat to another Republican, California CD 45 needs change. I recently received some mail from Rep. Mary Bono that shows to me a complete disconnection from the principles of 1994, which were what caused me to vote for her and her late husband to begin with.

Sender of flyer

This mailing, which says that it is a “PUBLIC DOCUMENT • OFFICIAL BUSINESS” and that “This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense,” is nothing but a self-contradictory campaign ad. On page two she has the nerve to say this:

Ensuring Fiscal Discipline

In an effort to control federal spending, I was pleased to vote in favor of the Legislative Line Item Veto Act of 2006. The measure gives the president increased authority to remove unnecessary or wasteful earmarks from spending bills. Congress must stand for fiscal discipline and reform. I am pleased that this measure will increase transparency and accountability in federal spending and discourage wasteful and unnecessary spending.

While on the back page, which is prominent in the original, folded-up mailing, she starts singing a different tune. I can’t bring myself to type up all this pork, so here’s a scan instead:

Oink oink, says Rep. Bono

Two million dollars for Salton Sea research? Give me a break. At least Rep. Lewis got his constituents in Banning a swimming pool for a tenth of that! The Salton Sea is barely in our district! It’s mostly down south in Imperial County.

Anyway, does Bono really think that any members of Congress will call their own pork anything but “responsible” just as she calls hers? What a joke. Does anyone in Riverside County, California want to challenge this RMSP spender in the next primary? Please?


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