Bad umpiring

On August 23, 2006, in General, by Neil Stevens

This is lousy umpiring tonight, period. First off, Julio Lugo gets kicked out without even looking or speaking to the umpire. Nowadays merely expressing any displeasure with yourself will get you thrown out, apparently. Whoops, as I’ve written this, now Brad Penny and Grady Little have been been thrown out.

Penny got hit on the leg on a comebacker earlier in the game, and Little came out to check if he was healthy. A couple innings later, Little comes out to talk to Penny. This being a game between first and second place teams, Padres manager Bruce Bochy comes out and argues that Penny has to be replaced (which the Dodgers were not ready to do, having only just gotten Elmer Dessens starting to warm up).

Little was already mad, Penny’s already been mad, and when teh umpires conferred and decided to force Penny out, Little argued and got tossed. Then when the umpires came to get the ball from Penny, he argued and got tossed.

Must be nice for San Diego to get everything going their way like this. At least for the Dodgers, this all took 10 minutes, so Dessens got some time to get warmed up.


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