California Gets Less Competitive

On August 22, 2006, in General, by Neil Stevens

Governor Schwarzenegger is raising the minimum wage to $8/hr, up from $6.75 and approaching double the federal rate. Leave it to the California Democrats to have wanted something even worse though, according to the Chronicle:

[Assembly Speaker] Núñez confirmed that the governor has agreed to support AB2068, the workers’ compensation bill [that would prevent employers from being able to choose doctors who treat workplace injuries], but said it was separate from the minium wage legislation, which calls for a 75-cent increase in January 2007 and an additional 50-cent increase in January 2008. Previously, Núñez and his Democratic colleagues wanted a $1 increase, plus indexing.

Of course, what does this compromise achieve? It just gives them more of an immediate raise than they wanted, but keeps the seat warm for a Democratic governor and legislature to come back next year and add in the annual raises, too!

If some businesses don’t fail, it’ll only be because the Democrats hinder their own policy with their foolish support of illegal alien labor. A rock and a hard place, this state is stuck between.


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