What Williams and Cosby should demand

On August 13, 2006, in General, by Neil Stevens

In reference to Adam C’s Red Hot post at Red State, here’s a solid Republican agenda that we ought to run on at all levels to appeal to frustrated men like Juan Williams and Bill Cosby:

  • Abolish the minimum wage. Even if we can’t convince people to back such a plan for all people, we should at least end the minimum wage for employees under a certain age, perhaps 25. The easier we make it for employers to give entry level positions to part time American youth, the better. Because every person who gets a start down a productive path, will potentially become a positive role model for somebody.
  • Prosecute employers of illegal aliens. It doesn’t help when part time American youth have to compete with full time illegal alien labor under the table.
  • End the domestic drug war. Preventing the mass export of drugs from places like Colombia and Afghanistan into the United States is a great idea, but unlike with traditional crime, I see no evidence that tough enforcement has done anything positive for the affected communities.
  • Fight for school choice. Public schools are run by unionized, bureaucratic, politicized teachers and administrators. Instead of adding more bureaucracy and centralized control, we need to break free of centralization and put control back into the hands of parents.
  • Deregulate medical care. By allowing providers to distingush themselves and cut costs, medical care can be come affordable to more people, thus cutting out one more way people are made dependent on big government.

I know at least one of these will be controversial among Republicans, but any of them will take strong leadership to accomplish.


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