The Braves choose sides

On August 12, 2006, in General, by Neil Stevens

The Braves reject mainstream Christianity, so mainstream Christians should probably reject them. Says the AP:

Focus on the Family, a group founded by James Dobson, was barred from participating in Sunday’s post-game activities after sponsoring first such event at Turner Field last month.

The team wouldn’t provide a reason for its decision, several gay rights groups on the Web bristled with speculation that Focus on the Family was given the boot for promoting its belief that homosexuality is a social problem comparable to alcoholism, gambling or depression.

The Braves chose sides, and now I hope they have to live with the consequences of that choice by taking in less revenue.

P.S. You can just tell how much the AP loves the side the Braves have chosen. Do you think the headline would be “Yer Out!” if the Braves had kicked out a radical homosexual activist group from an event?


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