Support Israel: Use PHP?

On July 28, 2006, in General, by Neil Stevens

Via Rob Kaper I ran into this odd story today: Jani Taskinen, one of the lead developers of PHP, quit because he hates that Israelis are funding the project. Since he wants that country to get nuked, he quit the project.

This makes me wish I could stand PHP, so I’d have reason to kick a few bucks to Zend!

He apparently left his real reason for quitting on a PHP IRC channel (_sniper_ is the name Taskinen apparently goes by on IRC; quote edited for some standards):

<_sniper_> hehehehe..
<_sniper_> all other members of the UN security council wanted to condemn Israel for attacking the UN post but USA (freedom and democracy) vetoed it….Israel says the resolution was fair.
<_sniper_> hell yeah..
<_sniper_> NUKE ISRAEL!
<_sniper_> I’m so full of that [expletive deleted] country..
<_sniper_> Eye for an eye..I’ll kill one Israel officer for one of ours, is that fair?
<_sniper_> I bet I’ll be hanged for that.
<_sniper_> They kill one of my brother-in-arms-for-peace..I think I’m entitled to kill one of their nazis.
<_sniper_> Hezbollah, where can I enlist?
<_sniper_> FYI: I don’t care at all what anybody thinks about me. I’m going to be openly anti-Israel from now on. This was the last straw for me. [Expletive deleted] you jews.
<_sniper_> I will also quit this project. As long as it’s backed by some Israel company, I don’t want to have anything to do with it.
<_sniper_> Good bye.
<– _sniper_ ( has left #php.pecl

Once in a while the Jew haters let slip that their hatred of Zionism is just a symbol something more. In a way we should be thankful that in his rage, Taskinen made that plain.


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