Hooray for Missile Defense

On July 13, 2006, in General, by Neil Stevens

Got SCUDs? No problem! THAAD has you covered! Says the Las Cruces Sun-News via Robert A. Hahn:

The pre-dawn art show was the result of the third of five tests planned at White Sands Missile Range to determine the effectiveness of THAAD — Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile. And military officials said the test went better than they could have hoped.

“This was phenomenal,” said U.S. Army Col. Charles Driessnack, the project manager for the Missile Defense Agency’s THAAD program. “It performed as expected.”

The test demonstrated the THAAD’s ability to “completely destroy that warhead so that no chemical or nuclear residue would contaminate areas” below the explosion, Driessnack said.

I don’t think it’s 1991 anymore, Toto.


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