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Socialists desperate to vilify private business in favor of a totalitarian nanny state are now asking us to get outraged over Comcast’s campaign to fight back.

Tell you what, guys. If ghostwriting is now disallowed, why don’t they go and look up how many industry letters, legislation, and books that Democrats have had ghost written for them? No? Oh, that’s what I thought.

Tell me, just try to tell me, that it’s not coincidence that this hit on Comcast is coming out just as FCC is talking about doing another deem-and-pass maneuver. You see, competition and innovation keep raising Internet speeds, so to keep their pretext that Americans face little competition, they have to keep raising the definition of high-speed Internet in order to save face.

It’s sort of like how they claim that a growing economy never helps the poor, when the definition of the poverty line merely shifts upward as Americans do grow better off.

I mean seriously even Netflix says you only need 3MBit down to use their service. The current standard is 4MBit, which is insane, and now the socialists want to up it to 25, a speed needed for “Ultra HD,” something most people may not even have televisions for! Never waste a crisis, the Democrats say, but sometimes you have to manufacture one out of whole cloth.

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