Tech at Night: Sweden to Anarchists: Get Wrecked

On December 11, 2014, in General, by Neil Stevens
Tech at Night

The original founders of the Pirate Bay, the Internet’s largest copyright infringement ring, used to brag about how they were technically obeying Swedish law. Well, Swedish law changed to close up the technicality they were using – they were facilitating mass copyright infringement, specifically of works by name, without hosting the bits themselves – and the founders were arrested and convicted.

The new owners thought they could run with it but it just got raided and shut down. Ha ha. Live by the technicality, die by its closure. Get wrecked, as the Internet kids say.

The far left continues to try to pressure the FCC to make a massive power grab of the Internet.

Do we really need a new law to regulate caller ID? Seriously? Come on. Let’s not overlegislate. This is old, dying technology anyway.

So the Senate just passed a limited bill to have governments share data about cybersecurity attacks. That’s good but it’s only a first step. We need public-private sharing of data to enable protection of our whole national grid.

Congressional Republicans want to know why Obama Democrats are stalling on allowing drone innovation.

This piece is right in that we do need it to be possible for legitimate patents to be enforced. It’s also right that we need to crack down on fraudulent assertion of patents. But we also need to crack down on USPTO pencil whipping bad patents that fuel patent trolls, which really are a thing. The same innovators Charlie Sauer laments have to worry about them, too. Just ask Silicon Valley about Marshall, Texas.

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