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If I write a video game, and launch a server to host it, I’m spending money, putting it at risk, in the hopes that it will be an investment that makes me profit. The Constitution recognizes this is a good thing, and so gives me copyright protection over my works.

It shows just how far away from human rights the EFF, a ‘libertarian’ group, has gone, that they’re now arguing against property rights specifically for video game makers.

Note that even per the anarchists site Daily Dot, EFF isn’t even limited this to a narrow band of server-side games. They’re pushing this in a broad way that threatens a wide band of copyright protections.

If you don’t like what a game developer does, don’t buy it. There are plenty of free software games out there that have no such restrictions. If you choose to buy a restricted game anyway, and then use the coercive power of the state to bully the game maker, that’s not liberty at all. This is slavery, and EFF must be opposed on this.

Russia is trying to spy on its own people by mandating all data be stored in Russia, and of course Edward Snowden says not a peep. The fact that he speaks up against America, but not Russia, tells us where his true loyalties are.

Wiill the new Congress help DC on tech issues? It’d be nice. A lot of good bills have been dying in the Senate.

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