European Speedster Assembly 2013: Games to Catch

On July 15, 2013, in General, by Neil Stevens

The European Speedster Assembly 2013 starts today, and while the schedule is full of great games, I wanted to point everyone to some particularly good and interesting things to catch this week. Note that all events will be broadcast in English on the free Team Ludendi stream. It should be visible on the free app on iOS and Android.

The marathon is taking donations for Doctors Without Borders. All donations will go directly to the charity, with no middle man.

Some highlights and games I or people I know hope to catch. Note that all times are approximate due to the possibility of the schedule running ahead or behind. The schedule is also listed in Central European Summer Time zone, which is six hours ahead of Eastern Daylight Time, and nine hours ahead of Pacific Daylight Time.

  • Monday July 15 (Today):
    • 2:25pm Eastern (11:25 Pacific): Ducktales race between Dxtr and Bangerra
    • 11:30pm Eastern (8:30pm Pacific): The Battle of Olympus by Crippe
  • Tuesday July 16
    • 12:30am Eastern (9:30pm Pacific): Bubble Bobble by Meridian
    • 11:15am Eastern (8:15am Pacific): Ninja Gaiden block: Ninja Gaiden race between Dxtr and Arctic_Eagle
    • 8:00pm Eastern (4:00pm Pacific): North & South by Svenne
    • 8:20pm Eastern (4:20pm Pacific): Rygar race between Arctic Eagle and Wery
    • 9:40pm Eastern (6:40pm Pacific): Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight by Wery
    • 10:45pm Eastern (7:45pm Pacific): Ufouria (Hebereke) by Kennyman
  • Wednesday July 17
    • 4:30pm Eastern (1:30pm Pacific): Disney block: Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers race between Nudua and Joka
    • 4:50pm Eastern (1:50pm Pacific): Darkwing Duck by Joka
    • 5:10pm Eastern (2:10pm Pacific): Talespin race between Bangerra and Svenne
    • 5:30am Eastern (2:30am Pacific): Goof Troop co-op with Edenal and Alko
    • 6:55pm Eastern (3:55pm Pacific): Kingdom Hearts 2 by Noizeeh
  • Thursday July 18
    • 2:45am Eastern (11:45pm Pacific): Tetris Attack by Niss3
    • 12:25pm Eastern (9:25am Pacific): Super Meat Boy by iMysty
    • 12:55pm Eastern (9:55am Pacific): Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril by Airrider
    • 2:25pm Eastern (11:25am Pacific): Rosenkreuzstilette by Dalfen
    • 6:30pm Eastern (3:30pm Pacific): Castlevania block: Castlevania by Dxtr
  • Friday July 19
    • 12:40pm Eastern (9:40am Pacific): Metroid block: Metroid by Dxtr
    • 1:20pm Eastern (10:20am Pacific): Metroid 2 by Coolkid
    • 5:00pm Eastern (2:00pm Pacific): Mario block: Super Mario Bros. 2 race between Svenne and Dxtr
    • 5:15pm Eastern (2:15pm Pacific): Super Mario Bros. 3 by Frezy_man
  • Saturday July 20
    • 5:25am Eastern (2:25am Pacific): Batman block: Batman by Dxtr
    • 7:50pm Eastern (4:50pm Pacific): Zelda block: Zelda 2 race between Pro_JN and Arctic_Eagle
    • 9:45pm Eastern (6:45pm Pacific): The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past by Christosowen

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