Provided here are some prebuilt frameworks of libraries I’ve run into need for while porting some software to the Mac. Feel free to use them, but use them at your own risk. I do not vouch for their completeness, correctness, or anything else for that matter.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, though.

There are other useful frameworks available from the ClanLib download page, including libpng and libjpeg.

makedepend for Objective C

Here is a version of makedepend 1.0.0 modified for Objective C. makedepend is a tool from the X11 distribution that generates make dependencies automatically from C or C++ sources. This distribution includes makedepend 1.0.0, a patch to make makedepend treat Objective C #imports as #includes, and a precompiled universal binary of the patched makedepend.


Here is a prebuilt, static-linked Subversion 1.3.0 for Mac OS X. It works for me when grabbing from and committing to other people’s repositories.


Here is a utility to set an icon for a file. Just drag the image you want onto the window’s image box, click the button, and select the file you want this icon set to. From there, it’s an easy copy and paste in the Info windows to set the icon to other locations, such as the man Disk icon on the desktop. Source is included.

Color Chooser

Color Chooser screenshot

Here is a utility for manipulating colors. It will even grab colors from the screen: use the magnifying glass button.

But what it can do is let you specify a color, manipulate it, then get the HTML/CSS value for it. That’s all I needed at the moment, as I was tired of having to load up Gimp to get such a tiny tool.

Version 1.1 fixes a crash bug caused by the use of the grayscale or CMYK pickers.


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