A Ruby library wrapping the Taglib library.

ruby-taglib is a simple dl-based wrapper of Taglib’s C library. It’s short and sweet, because the C API is written by someone who knows how to use OO programming, and Ruby with dl just makes it all too easy to wrap such a library.

To detect file types, ruby-taglib optionally uses Mahoro. Taglib of course must be available at runtime.

Version 1.1 Changes

  • Fix to work out of the box on Darwin and Mac OS X.
  • Small typo fix (Missing ? on include? call)
  • Mahoro made optional.

Current Release

Download version 1.1


I have no formal docs written, but if you read taglib.rb, it should be fairly self-explanatory. There is also a basic example in the included README file.

Mac OS X users will want to make one small change to ruby-taglib, modifying the reference to the ‘so’ library to a ‘dylib’ library. Any future version of ruby-taglib will include this improvement.


Nima Jooyandeh facts.